Creating a Chic Bohemian Home

Bohemian interiors are a popular trend in today’s world. The Boho style is inspired by the deserts of Kutch, Rajasthan, ethnic and nomadic yet with an urban appeal. It is a carefree style and can mix with nearly any design, be it mid-century modern style or Scandinavian design which adds elegance to spaces. To get the perfect Boho theme to consider the following tips:

Vintage furniture

A home with a Bohemian theme tends to be packed with antique furniture. So second-hand and vintage items are a must-have. Each piece of furniture should be good-looking even if it is antique. It should also tell a story. You can explore your local vintage shops or go online to choose the right pieces of furniture. You can opt for a chunky wood dining table with different coloured painted legs or a small coffee table against a bare white wall, this will bring such a relaxed ambiance into your home.

Mix Colours

The Boho style is all about the free spirit. So you can incorporate a wide range of colours. Combining different hues exudes maximum charm. You can go for beautiful pastel colours such as brown, green, and grey. Warm colours are also common in Boho themes. So you can accessorize with orange, yellow and bright blue. Combining and layering different colours is what makes this style unique.

Add Plants

Plants go well with Bohemian style. They are also affordable and easy to source. They create a relaxed atmosphere while adding fresh air to a room and a pop of colour without interfering too much with the rest of the interior. Hanging plants is also a great Bohemian addition to any space. So get creative and have fun with botanicals.

Create a special Nook

Create a unique nook that is decorated with lots of colour and textures. Soft cotton throw pillows and blankets in Bohemian prints and translucent curtains give softness to the nook. The cushions can also be made from vintage recycled fabrics that display good energy and positive action. The Boho design creates good positive energy and balances with nature through old furniture and materials.

Keep these tips in mind if you need to create a great Boho theme in your house. You should note that the Bohemian style is all about appreciating the universe.

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